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Ava graduated from Bowdoin College in May 2020 and currently resides in Western Maine. She works at Gould academy teaching art and coaching  mountain biking. Her lifelong work in the service industry at her parents’ restaurant in Northern NH inspires her love for painting laborers. She finds inspiration in everyday things and common scenes.

for a purchase or comission inquiry, please email or DM  @ava_jxn

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Labor is often concealed—behind walls, by systems that thrive off of its hiddenness, in plain sight when we choose not to see it. It is easy for the products we encounter to become deeply impersonal in this process, to ignore that mastership and hours that go into an object. Highlighting labor as a craft and exposing it as something we consider often, considering the hands who have labored over the thing we consume is my goal. The acknowledgment of the human aspects we engage with, and rekindling human interaction by overriding the erasure of labor that our society falls victim to. My work is not only about the consumer, though. It is about the meditation and absorption of the laborer in the piece.

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